Book sales vs making a story available.


It was one of the first ‘struggles’ that I had, as an author, to deal with. Is this for money? Ego, vanity publishing? or the more seriously honourable urge to get my message out? Had I answered affirmatively to the first two, this book would never had hit the light of day. No, it was always about the latter – having something to say and wanting to have folk (primarily those who would otherwize never had had the chance to hear it) the opportunity to hear it.

Now that the book is ‘published’ the next thrust must be in promoting, keeping it in the public view, so that as many as possible could take it up. Well, a new idea came to me today. IF people who like the book, or simply want to read it but cannot afford to do so, IF enough people requested it from their local libraries, THEN there would be more sales and more visibility. This would work with ordering it through book shops too.

So, think about it and see if you can support getting the message out by doing some of this with me. Share posts on social media, order the book through bookshops rather than Amazon online and try to get it in your local library.

with love, Martin.

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