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TOP 1000 REVIEWER   A memoir of a spiritual journey.
An intriguing title, Finding What Was Never Lost is the authors journey through his life so far. From his childhood, through his teens and into the world beyond as an adult.

Martin quite candidly shares experiences, thoughts and also feelings from various points in his life. He has walked, hitched, flown, sailed and travelled to and through quite a few countries. He has taken a variety of jobs, some were the transient jobs of harvesters that follow the seasons, crofting with friends or holding a “normal” job to provide money for further travels. His goal through his journey was to find a spiritual guide or guru, someone who could teach and help him find his own place within himself and the world.

This is quite a different read for me, I do read a few memoirs and tend to like the ones that are about an individual rather than a celebrity. Martin’s book fits into this style, it is a personal account. It is recounted in a very calm way, his spiritual nature is something that is felt as I read this book. If a book could have a quiet and calm voice, then this is one that has that. It was an interesting read in the respect that it is very different to how I live my life. In my opinion it is good to take a step in someone else’s shoes for a moment and see how they view the world.

The layout of the book is set in out in very quick chapters, this makes it perfect for dipping in and out of. There are quite a lot of footnotes, many for things that I feel didn’t need an explanation, and a very handy glossary and index at the back of the book. I am going to make the presumption that some of Martin’s readers will know English as a second language and this is maybe the reason for the amount of footnotes.

This is a book that would appeal to those who like a more spiritual, self discovery style of memoir. One mans journey and experience of life told in a calm and quiet way.

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